I am Roxie

If you’ve gotten this far on my Wag, you know that I’m a Coton de Tulear, a rare breed from Madagascar. Its pronounced (coe-Tawn day TULE-ee-r). But just like you, who like to say your roots go back to Europe and other exotic places, I was really born in Plattekill, New York and my real name is Peroxide (let’s not go there.)

This is me when I was just a babe at 3lbs. Yes, I have a half black and half white face-very Phantom of the Opera.


I am 9 years old now, a Milennium girl, weighing in at 11lbs soaking wet and after three big meals. (I can’t believe I revealed my weight.)

Now some people say I have “attitude.”
Hey, I have very specific likes and dislikes and don’t keep them a secret. Its not healthy to keep things pent up inside. That’s what barking is for.

It’s been said that I have “issues.” Does howling like a sick, dying wolf in the desert everytime my Mom leaves me alone an issue? I don’t think so. Some doggie shrinks call it ‘separation anxiety.’ I call it true love.

Does only eating the most expensive gourmet chicken every night sound like an issue to you? I don’t think so. I call it being a doggie gourmand. (Have you ever checked-out the ingredients in Alpo?)

Does not letting anyone or anything between me and my Mom in bed sound like an issue. I don’t think so. I call it holding my ground. (Come to think of it, could that be why we’re both still single?)

and besides, I’m the only doggie I know with her own business card.


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