A girl can never have enough clothes

I’ll be wearing this ‘Hot Pink Polka Dot Trench’ in the elevator and inevitably somebody says “What a cute boy” What is this, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?


I’ve got Hood


Uh, Oh! Wardrobe malfunction.


I’ve gone Preppy. Could you vomit?


I’m baaaaad to the bone.


These were supposed to be Uggs.



3 Responses to “Coton Couture”

  1. Aisha said

    What fun! Aisha Cameron of Cedarwood Cotons

  2. nancy geller said

    An old Jew in rollers and no teeth

  3. please visit us on facebook at
    Debbie Curtis Wolff…under profiles you can see our dogbook
    love ya

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