May 9, 2009

Fixed-up For Fix’ins

Don’t like blind dates. Never have, never will, but this SGL (Single Golden Lab) had real class, didn’t even fudge on the age question. What a night! After the usual first date dance of meeting in a public place, taking a walk in the park and sniffing each other up, we ended up at a townhouse to die for, just off Fifth Avenue.

There was a private chef, and the biggest dog bones I’ve ever seen. We lapped up iced drinks in a cozy but totally luxurious library and dined on choice bits of filet mignon. Okay, he turned out to be a B!*ch, but what the heck, nobody’s perfect.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Burt said

    She may march in the annual Gay Pride parade but they will never let her march in the Saint Patrick Day’s parade. The Irish Setters control that parade and they will never let gay dogs march under their own banner.

  2. Gideon said

    Before you know Roxie will march at the annual gay pride Parade with her female lab at her side.

  3. Burt said

    One has to wonder how sharp Roxie is. Meeting in a public place and sniffing each other up and she didn’t figure the lab was a female? Hello! That’s what she’s sniffing for!

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