October 28, 2015

I’m Sweet 16!!!!!

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  1. Hi sorry to bothers you I was just wondring what sort of breed you do is?? I have a dog that’s the same looking and Im trying to find out what breed he is xx

    • Hi there Lily, and Rebecca,
      I am a Coton de Tulear. If you click the heading in the black box with white type “All ABout Me” on my blog you’ll see more details about me. But I am a breed from Madagascar, and named after a town there called Tulear. I actually think I may have originated in France but Madagascar is soo much cooler so I’m sticking with that as my origin. So glad you found my blog and hope you continue to visit me and see what I’m up to. Roxie

  2. Jodi said

    WOW !!!
    What’s your secret??
    Doggie fillers??

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