I don’t know about all of you yet, but let’s face it, it’s all about me!

I am Roxie, an Upper East Side girl living in New York City. Well actually I’m a doggy, a Coton de Tulear, a rare breed from Madagascar. I’ve got bling, I’ve got attitude and finally I’ve found my voice. I’ve got a lot to say about everyone and everything!

My Wag is all about me and my life as a single gal as told to my mom. But really, it’s sort of about my mom as well, but through my eyes. This is totally a ‘Lick and Tell All’ Wag and no topic is off limits.

My Daily Wag This is just what it sounds like. All my business from sun-up to sundown. All the wacky things I see and do(o) at home, on my walks around the city and my visits to the beach house. Yup, I’ve got a beach house in the Hamptons.

All About Me Who I am and where I come from. My ‘authorized’ autobiography. It’s all here in black and white just like me.

Woof’s up All my thoughts on life. My ‘Inner Doggie,’ out at last!

Coton Couture A girl can never have enough clothes. What’s in and what’s out in four-legged fashion. My Mom is a shopper extaordinaire and she’s always up on all the latest, and therefore so am I.

Doggie Doo’s & Don’ts Here is where you’ll find everything you need to know about etiquette for dogs and people. You don’t need a ‘whisperer’ because I know it all and am not afraid to tell you.

Love & Gossip. Oh yeah, dogs do it, you bet! Every chance we get. This is where you’ll find all the juicy tidbits about love, relationships and living in the fast lane.

Who’s Who and What’s What Everything you need to know about who’s who and what’s what in my life.

My Bling: Movies, Pics & Press Lights’ camera, action! Need I say more. I am ready for my close-up!


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