June 2, 2009

Gotcha… Hands Up!

I’m so excited, the crime scene cuties caught our thieves. That’s right, the ones who broke into our beach house a few weeks back. Seems that they had a weakness for On Demand porn and left a trail a mile wide. So busted.

I can’t wait to go to the station and check them out in the line-up. Just thinking about being surrounded by
hunky police dogs in uniform gives me a thrill. Yummy!!!

May 27, 2009

Crime Scene Cuties

I’m canceling DoggieJDate. There’s a new game in town. We had an incident at our Hamptons house and had to call the cops. The two most adorable officers came to check out the damage. Men in uniforms… Works for me. I made them dust me for fingerprints. It was just the best.