May 23, 2009

Okay I admit it, I love sniffing tush.

And where is the absolute best place to do so? It’s a no brainer… the dog park, of course. Total access in a confined space. What more could a ‘tushyist’ like myself ask for? I call it pretty darn close to heaven.

It’s just like High School. There are the popular ones (that would be me in my younger days. I was known as Ms. Perky.) Everyone paid attention to me. I was constantly on the move and in the center of the action. Now I just lurk in the corners waiting for an available tush to come my way. I then go stealth, sneak up from behind and go in for a good whiff, then dash away, because my tush, by the way, is off limits at all times.

There are the jocks (the ones with the biggest balls and chewy toys) who dominate the park, swagger about, and hump everyone in sight, the drama queens (the ones who whine and moan about not getting a chance to play with any toys) but, then, given the chance, think the toys are too disgusting to put in their mouths. I’ve actually seen Moms and Dads at the park using plastic bags to pick up balls. Can you believe it? Such sissies!

The nerds (the ones who are always picked on) who huddle in small bunches in corners and appear to not be doing much of anything, but are actually creating the next wave of something cool that will take over the world, the teachers pets (we know who they are) sucking up to anyone giving away doggy treats, then scoot away and hide under benches or behind trees.

I just love the dog park, even though I’d never, ever, want to go back to High School.


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  1. Dairod said

    Hi Roxy & Mom,

    Where is this parks of yours?

    • Upper East Side of Manhattan on the East River by 86th Street. The little dog dog park. It’s the place to be on a sunny weekend afternoon. Hope to sniff you there sometime. Rox

  2. […] little indiscretion at the dog park and I’ve been told I need to go to that ’sex rehab’. place! Is that fair? […]

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